A Surprising Trick for Younger-Looking Skin


When we’re younger, we tend to have only a vague notion of getting older. We feel a bit invincible. We don’t really think about how our skin and our bodies are going to look in another decade or two.


But then one day you look in the mirror and it feels like someone else is looking back at you. Inside, you still feel young. But your face tells a different story. You start to see the signs of aging, such as fine lines or sagging skin. At that moment you realize you need to do something.


The cosmetic industry would have you slather on all types of beauty products, including their anti-aging creams. But the truth is, most of these miracle creams and serums don’t work. They might make your face feel good when you put them on, but all they’re doing is temporarily masking your skin problems. Worse yet, many of these creams and serums actually contain ingredients that will further damage your skin.


You’ll also see certain circles pushing for surgical enhancements. They’ll suggest injections, lifts and tucks to rid your face of the sagging and fine lines. But of course these are expensive, risky treatments.


If you’re like a lot of women, then what you’re looking for is something natural. You want a safe and effective way to prevent or reverse the signs of aging. So let me share with you one of the best-kept secrets in anti-aging circles: Shiatsu facial massage.


Shiatsu massage works by applying pressure to specific points on the face. This relaxes your facial muscles, which in turn helps prevent the fine lines that develop from stress-related furrowed eyebrows, frowning and so on.


The second thing the massage does is stimulate your lymphatic system. This stimulation, along with improving your blood circulation, helps your body carry away the toxins which are damaging your skin. This can improve the color of your skin, get rid of redness and puffiness, tighten your pores, and give your skin a healthy, radiant glow.


As mentioned, Shiatsu massage works by stimulating specific pressure points which are just underneath your skin. These points, which are intersections of your blood, lymph and nervous systems, are located all over your face and body. On your face you can find them just below your eyebrows, at the corner of your nose, at the corner of your mouth, and in a curved line just above your jaw line.


Stimulation is very simple. All you have to do is use the pad of your finger to apply gradually increasing pressure to one of these points for the count of three, then you slowly decrease the pressure for another count of three. There are over 30 pressure points on the face, so you’ll want to be sure your massage stimulates each of the important points.


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