Occasionally, avid followers of the Paleo diet who think that they are soon on their way to achieving “Paleo glory” and will say something to the effect of…  “What gives? I’ve been doing Paleo and exercising and I’m still overweight!!”  Good question.

There could be three reasons Paleo is failing you:

1) You’re exercising too much. Too much cardio will make you “skinny fat” where the fat jiggles everywhere and you can’t lose it.


2) You need a detox. Chemicals such as bisphenol A which is used in water bottles and other plastics are proven to cause weight gain.


3) You have too much cortisol (the stress hormone) coursing through your body. Are you under stress a lot? Then cortisol could be the culprit.

If you think you’re struggling with #3, I have an answer–and it’s totally Paleo-friendly.

When it comes to fat packing, cortisol is wicked.

It’s an angel when it’s doing its job, but but when it’s consistently too high, you’re in for trouble.

For now, give these three reasons some thought in your life and if stress is continually a factor in your life, go ahead and check out the cortisol killer.

It’s the most common issues I see.

In today’s world stress is ALWAYS a factor. The only question is how you deal with it.

Nutritionally balancing your hormones like cortisol is probably one of most important and valuable things you could do for your body.

The good news is the “cortisol killer” also rebalances other hormones that contribute to weight gain like insulin and leptin.

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